Le Case EcoVillage

an urban ecovillage located in Pacific Beach, San Diego

   Mar 17

Freecycling swap event + tour of LeCase


Bring something, take something… and get to know LeCase

Join us this Saturday at LeCase to donate or exchange stuff you don’t need for something you like. Entrance is in the driveway between 827-835 Tourmaline st.

Don’t have anything to bring? No worries, your $10 suggested donation is very much appreciated too and will give you a raffle ticket.

Why are we doing this? We want to improve the environment by keeping useful items out of landfills while helping others in San Diego. This is your chance to swap out things that are in good condition and trade with your neighbors.

What is the guided tour of LeCase about? LeCase is an urban ecovillage with five separate residences, and stands for “Living Equitably Creating A Sustainable Environment”.  At the tour you will get to know how we are making strides to live sustainably through growing our own food using permaculture techniques, composting, gardening using our own efficient water management system, and encouraging a communal lifestyle among the residents.

Here is the program:

2:00 – Swap event starts

2:30 – LeCase Ecovillage Tour

3:00 – Raffle

4:00 – Closure


A few things to consider: given our limited space we do not accept items that need to be transported by truck. Please do not bring live animals. Items brought after 4pm will be donated to Goodwill.

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