Le Case EcoVillage

an urban ecovillage located in Pacific Beach, San Diego


live at lecase

Living at LeCase EcoVillage in San Diego’s Pacific Beach Community

We are seeking cooperative people of all kinds to join us in creating our ecovillage dream – including (but not limited to) eco-entrepreneurs, organic growers and raisers of chickens, people with natural building and renewable energy skills, artists, and anyone eager to build a community and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can have a look at our projects here.

The LeCase Ecovillagers are not strictly vegetarians but do avoid eating animal products that cause harm to people and the environment please read our Golden Rules in the About LeCase. We are located just a couple of blocks from Tourmaline Beach and have a nice outdoor area for barbecues and social activities. We enjoy community pot luck dinners and love to have guests join us.