Le Case EcoVillage

an urban ecovillage located in Pacific Beach, San Diego


LeCase EcoVillage’s Projects & Activities

LE CASE has been proactive in implementing sustainable, eco friendly processes as part of the urban ecovillage’s everyday lifestyle.

Rainwater Systems

With the ongoing problem of water shortages due to over consumption, increasing urban population and lack of water management seen around the world LE CASE has implemeted a rainwater system to reduce water waste and consumption.

Catch your San Diego rainwater: Residential Rainwater Harvesting -> Rainwater Barrel Rebates for Rainwater Barrels purchased in 2012 are available through the City of San Diego’s Water Conservation Program website.


Click the Image Below to Play LE CASE’s Automatic Composting Video.

The ecovillage composting we have implemented is a modern method of composting that fits the urban eco-village lifestyle model. In a period of of two weeks our food scraps are turned into compost and go back to the garden! Oh, and, by the way, it uses about 5 kwh, or, roughly, only 50 cents of power a month!

There’s a balance of brown and green involved in composting… really like a little science, if you will. Composting is a balance between the ratio of carbon (“brown” stuff like fall leaves) and nitrogen (“green” things like veggies).

Look for an upcoming LECASE ecovillage San Diego composting class and learn how to produce valuable soil from food scraps, coffee and yard waste. Just for the record, more than 24% of garbage, on the average, can be composted.

Great composting Tips can be found at: COMPOSTING 101


Organic Gardening

Our urban eco-village uses purely organic and natural methods in the onsite garden. Organic gardening means that there are no chemical pesticides used and all of the procedures in the garden fall under the organic guidelines as legally defined.


At LE CASE ecovillage this includes using our own natural composting materials, weeding by hand, using eco friendly water systems, spraying organic substances to control pests and disease plus taking care to rotate, diversify and plan the garden plantings to be sure our system replenishes the resources as it makes use of them. Please visit our wiki and other resources for more information on the concept of organic gardening.


Green Web Hosting

The LE CASE ecovillage has even considered it’s carbon footprint in the cyber community and has made a switch to use green hosting services for the ecovillage website.


Our activities and projects will contine to grow and expand as well as the LE CASE Urban Ecovillage Community. We are currently looking into convenient community transportaion as well as more efficient utility services. We will post regular updates via the website and – or the blog so please be sure to check back regularly!